Retractable Awnings

For the longest time I refused to offer retractable awnings because I could not find any that could live up to my quality standards. I have finally found an awning that can stand up to any level of scrutiny. Our awnings are the ONLY retractable awnings that have ever lived up to hurricane standards. Thoughtfully designed these awnings can withstand 115mph wind bursts “rolled out.” These are the only retractable awnings that can be out and in use 365 days a year. With a lifetime, no questions asked, frame warranty these awnings are attractive and provide super high views from your house with no angle down necessary. In addition, these are the only awnings in existence with a built-in rain gutter that prevents rain pouring off the front and helps to keep the valance clean and beautiful. The list goes on and on. We offer the strongest longest lasting awnings available today. Call today for more information.

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